Qualified in CBT, Psychodynamic and Systemic practice


Delivering progress on current research study to delegates. Focusing on the ethical challenges of research into stress and intimacy. .

University of Chester Social Science Symposium 2017

Speaking on the challenges of delivering therapy online. Discussing interventions, transference, boundaries and the disinhibition effect.

Online Counselling Services and Training  (OCTIA) 2016

Addressing the types of sexual and relationship problems experienced by soldiers; aetiology, comorbidity, treatment and referral process

BMA - Civilian Doctors Conference


For the last 8 years I have worked with 100's of clients across the UK and Europe supporting both Military and civilian clients to manage personal crisis. Specialist field of interest is sex and relationship therapy although areas regularly supported include, attachment issues, trauma, loss, suicidal ideations and depression. 

Counselling starts with an initial assessment that lasts 50 minutes.   This is at a one off price of £40


For counselling to be successful, it is essential that you are absolutely sure that counselling is right for you and that I am  the right counsellor to  help  you. Sessions start by letting you explain your troubles in your own time and in your own way. There is absolutely no  pressure to tell me everything all at once. The process only moves at a pace that you are happy with.


It can often be the first time you have spoken to someone about what is going on in your life and can in itself be extremely therapeutic.  At the end of the assessment, we jointly decide if counselling is the best option for support at this time.


Supporting individuals and couples with concerns such as trauma, loss, anxiety, depression, relationship and sexual satisfaction & behaviour

Specialist interest in prolonged stress and intimacy



Counselling allows you to discuss your concerns in a safe and comfortable environment. Regardless of age, class, gender or sexual preference, people look for counselling for many reasons and each person's problem is different.

Looking for a counsellor can be a daunting experience. However, it can also be a really positive one.

Although I have worked with a diverse range of couples and individuals, I fully respect that each person is different and will approach seeking help in their own way. Depending on each personal experience I will tailor my support to meet your needs, not the other way around.  




There can be a number of factors that influence how good sex feels; like being tired, having no privacy or feeling under pressure. These problems are usually short-lived and pass quickly. If you find that your problems continue for more than about 6 months, it could be a sign of a more complex sexual problem, which may need professional support. 

Try not to worry, sex therapy has a

very high success rate.

Sex Therapy helps couples or individuals improve their sexual experiences. Whether is it a desire to last longer, an inability to orgasm, help with re-establishing sexual behaviours or perhaps more complex trauma or addiction problems. Whatever your goals, seeking help is the first step.



Recent surveys show that the number of individuals experiencing sexual dysfunction is growing. This includes the increase of technology-mediated sexual issues and compulisve sexual behaviour.

Many professionals regularly work with patients and clients struggling with sexual problems. Whilst it can be a sensitive subject to discuss, it is a vital part of a person’s wellbeing and happiness and needs to be competently assessed.  

I offer training and CPD for GP's, nurses and counsellors who would benefit from a deeper understanding surrounding; 

  • what questions to ask
  • how to ask them
  • how to confidently assess
  • when / where to refer


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Due to relocate to Wiltshire, UK in June 2019

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